Acquire More Self Compassion

June 27, 2023
Co-owners Amber Beltran and Dawn Brooks are committed to helping you become clutter free in 2023.  We are excited to introduce April’s Clutter-Free focus: acquire more self compassion.

Decluttering by Acquiring

It may seem counterintuitive to suggest acquiring anything in our newsletter that is created to help you become clutter free.  In this issue, we turn to two metaphors in nature to represent how adding more self compassion gets you in the right frame of mind to declutter.  Then, we will explain how to get rid of old paint, pesticides, propane tanks and other household hazardous waste. Finally, we share an important company announcement:

Last week, we enjoyed visiting with many of you at the Spring Fair held in the Holt Arena. Many of you shared that you needed our services; however, you were ashamed to have us see your spaces. We want to reassure you that there is no reason to be ashamed of your unorganized spaces. We will turn to the first metaphor in nature to invite you to release shame and exercise self-compassion.

Allowing Yourself to Heal

If you broke your arm, you would not be ashamed to have a doctor to set it right and allow it to heal. Doctors have the knowledge, skill, and desire to help patients heal. Circumstances in your life have played a factor in your spaces needing organization. It is wise to seek the support of professional organizers to help you reset and go forward with improved surroundings that you will be able to maintain. 

Show Self-Compassion

Spring is the second metaphor we look to encourage an increase in self-compassion. Spring is a celebration of new life. The early booming flowers are delightfully appearing in spite of continued snowstorms.  Let’s all follow their example and brighten up our surroundings; regardless of the current condition of our spaces. All that matters is your desire to be clutter free.

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