Simplify Your Surroundings

Simplify Your Surroundings



We will assist you in organizing your entire home. This includes organizing your kitchen, bathrooms, family rooms, pantries, bedrooms, and closets. When every item has a designated space it is easier to maintain.



Creatively maximizing the storage space in your garage can tremendously reduce the clutter in your home. Garages serve as wonderful space for overflow and long-term storage for seasonal items.

Corporate Spaces

Corporate Spaces

We will assist you in increasing productivity by bringing order to your workspaces and storage areas so that you can spend more time working and less time searching.

Photo Storage

Photo Storage

We will assist you in developing a well-organized digital archive of your photos. We guide you in gathering all your printed photos, sort photos into categories, prioritize those to be scanned, and establish an agreed upon catalog format and a storage plan.

Bereavement Service

Bereavement Service

We consider it a privilege to help you during the tender time of going through the belongings of your loved one so that you do not have to do this alone. We will support you in making decisions about what items to keep and will help you donate other items.

Our Services

All services below include the work of two professional organizers on site for
the duration of the service.

1 hour or less of organizing

1 Small space: Under Sink, Medicine Cabinet, or Coat Closet


3-6 hours organizing

Average size Pantry, Laundry Room, or Family Room Closet


7-10 hours organizing

Craft Room, Nursery Set-Up, Storage Room, Home Office Set-Up, or One Car Garage


11-14 hours organizing

Kitchen and Pantry, Two car garage, or Right-sizing for assisted living


15-30 hours organizing

Entire home, Multi-generational living, Set-up of new home, or Moving out of Home


Worker B's

3 hour sessions for 3 days

$695 ($25 Savings)

Queen B's

4 hour sessions for 4 days

$1,230 ($50 Savings)

Honey Comb

5 hour sessions for 5 days

$1,900 ($100 Savings)

How Does It Work?


Contact Us

Request a Discovery call.  During the call we will discuss your organizational needs and determine if our services are a good fit for you. Tell us your goals, challenges, and vision for your problem areas. Duration of most calls is about 15 minutes.



The $50.00 in-home or virtual consultation includes clarification of your organizing needs, evaluation and measurement of spaces to develop an organizing project proposal, and three organizing recommendations. When you purchase your project, the consultation fee is applied to the total cost of your project.


Approve Your Proposal

Review the project plan, bid, and coordinate time and date(s) for the project. Sign your Service Agreement.


Your Session

Now the transformation of your space takes place. Two professional organizers simplify your space to better serve you. According to your preference, you can work alongside us or we can work independently.  



Some clients desire on-going organizing support. We provide monthly, biannual, or annual coaching sessions. These visits are shorter and help ensure ongoing success. 

Our Organizing Transformations