Spring Cleaning

June 27, 2023

Co-owners Amber Beltran and Dawn Brooks are committed to helping you become clutter free in 2023.  We are excited to introduce May’s Clutter-Free focus: spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

The warmer days of May inspire traditional Spring Cleaning. In this newsletter, we will highlight the wonderful opportunities to declutter as you carry out this seasonal tidying up.  Then, we will celebrate moms with an amazing discount. Finally, we will announce a new partnership. 

Decluttering Your Space

One of the most effective ways to declutter is to creatively consider ways to make it easier to get items that will be used more in the summer. As you are deep cleaning each space in your home, corral winter items and purge damaged, out-dated, unused, or redundant items in a sustainable manner. 

Practice self-care by resetting your apparel as part of your Spring Cleaning. Relocate winter clothes to make easier access to summer apparel. Perhaps the winter clothing will be moved to a harder to reach part of the closet or moved to a different storage spot in your home. Reduce significant amounts of stress by purging articles that are the wrong size, torn out, unused, or redundant. 

Increase your child’s creativity and connection with others by reducing the number of toys in circulation. Research shows that fewer toys led to increased play for children. 

Children love using items from the natural world in imaginative play. If your children are several years apart, put the toys that the older child has out grown, and they are not yet age appropriate for the younger, in storage. Parents and grandparents, as you begin to plan for summertime with children, recognize that when it comes to summer fun, less is more. Budget time and money for adventures over purchasing toys.

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